Patient Information

Your initial appointment will consist of a comprehensive dental examination and a set of full mouth x-rays. Depending on your dental findings, Dr. Vincent may discuss your needs that day or bring you back for separate consultation appointment. Having your teeth cleaned at the initial appointment will depend upon your dental finding also. A thorough medical history will be obtained as we are concerned about the total well-being of each patient.

If you have dental x-rays from another dental office, please inform our person scheduling your initial appointment. We may not be able to use your existing x-rays and may need a new set taken in our office for proper diagnosis and treatment planning.

If you have dental insurance, please inform our person scheduling your initial appointment. There are many different types of insurance plans and we want to make sure that your plan is compatible with our office before you have your initial appointment.

If you’d like to complete your patient information form prior to coming into the office, feel free to download and print the form by clicking on the link below.